Stud screw STSI

The stud screw for photovoltaic installations on corrugated roof with steel load-bearing structure support


Suitable for:

  • Corrugated roof system


  • Profile Solar-light
  • Profile Solar-fish

Stud screw STSR fastening:

  • Directly on steel beams and profiles after pre-drilling


  • Stud screw in stainless steel A2-70 according to UNI EN 10088-3:2005
  • Nuts in stainless steel A2-70 according to UNI EN ISO 3506-1/2;2010


  • Complete: the stud screw STSI is provided pre-assembled with EPDM washer, 1 nut for fastening and other 2 nuts for the connection with joint brackets MW or SSP.
  • Fast: quick installation, the roof covering has not to be removed.
  • Waterproof: the roof is keeped waterproof through EPDM washer.
  • Steel beams and profile with plate thickness in the range 2 รท 4 mm
  • Select stud screws STSI length depending on load-bearing support structure thickness.
  • Define stud screws STSI spacing depending on snow and wind load for effective installation area and roof degree.
  • Select stud screws STSI position depending on load-bearing support structure and on layout PV installation.
  • Drill the load-bearing support structure depending on stud screw STSI diameter.
  • Fasten stud screws STSI to the load bearing support structure leading the EPDM washer in contact with the roof. the nut MU on the EPDM washer for water proofing.
  • Secure the joint bracket SSP or MW adjusting the distance from the roof through the other 2 nuts.