Solar-Wind System South SW-S

The the lightest 15 ° aerodynamic system for flat roof without drilling for South landscape photovoltaic installation


Suitable for:

  • Flat roof without drilling Solae Wind

Allowable configurations:

  • 1 module – lanscape disposition


  • Brackets in aluminium AW 6060 T66/T5 according to UNI EN 755- 2:2013
  • Screws in stailess steel A2-70 according to UNI EN ISO 3506-1/2:2010


  • No drilling: Solar-Wind System South does not need to drill the roof. The system is locked with small concrete ballasts.
  • Quick: the installation time is about 10 minutes for kWp.
  • Light: The low panels slope (15° degrees) and the carter behind the modules reduce the wind load on the system and also the number of concrete ballasts
  • Complete range: the system is available for a wide range of panels (width 950 ÷ 1020 mm x height1630 x 1675 mm).
  • Easy: the system is modular, allowing an extremely flexible layout panels.
  • Safe: the special central clamp allows the grounding of the system.
  • Designable: the number of the ballasts is calculable in according to wind load.
  • Identify on the roof the position of the structures according to the project layout and the size of the modules.
  • Identify the number of concrete ballasts to use for each brackes in according to wind load and snow load. on the roof the mounting brackets SW-S B..(front, middle, final).
  • Position the panels on the brackets SW-S B..and fix them with clamps SW-MC e SW-MF.
  • Fix the carter SW-S CARTER on the middle brackets SW-S BM 15° to reduce the wind action.
  • Position the concrete ballasts SW BALLAST in according to the project, protecting the roof covering with protective pads PAD SW.
  • For snow load higher than 2,40 kN/ m2 use frontal brackets SW-S BM SNOW 15° and middle brackets SW-EW BL SNOW 15°.