Single pole system SPS

The hdg solution for free-fields system with 2 modules in portrait disposition


Suitable for:
Solar-Field single pole system with:

  • SPS-HP profile
  • SPS-PM clamps

Allowable configurations:

  • 2 modules –  portrait disposition


  • S235JR steel according to EN 10025-2:2004, hdg (≥ 80 µm) according to EN ISO 1461:2009
  • bolts and nuts in stainless steel  A2-70 according to EN ISO 3506-1/2:2009


  • Universal: the single pole system allows to realize photovoltaic layout 2 x 10 panels with portrait disposition and 3 defined slope (20°, 25° and 30°).
  • Easy and fast: pre-drilled piles, profiles and brackets to make easier and faster all the installation steps.
  • Maximum allowable spacing 2800 mm, depending on snow and wind loads calculated according current National Regulations.
  • Define SPS structure spacing depending on snow and wind load for the effective installation area, according National Regulations.
  • Drive the single pole SPS-SP to the required depth according to geotechnical soil test report.
  • Fasten the SPS-IB inclined profile on the upper side of the single pole SPS-SP using M 16 screws.
  • Fix the SPS-CONN bracket on the lower side of the inclined profile SPS-IB using 2 M 10 bolts.
  • Join the side bracing SPS-BR to the vertical pole SPS-SP and the SPS CONN bracket with 1 + 1 M 16 bolts.
  • attention Minimum thread length of M 16 screw is 35 mm, M 10 bolt is 30 mm.