Profile TP AL

The 'T' shaped aluminium profile for customized installations on special structures


Suitable for:

Special application system with:

  • Profile REP AL
  • Bracing profile BP AL


  • Aluminium alloy AW6060 T5 according UNI EN 755-2:2013


  • Customized: The profile TP AL allows you to build load bearing structures (when used with profile REP AL) for multi-rows of modules with different angles.
  • Easy: profile TP AL is easy to work and (cut and drill) and can be used with all profiles Solar.
  • High performance: The profile TP AL is used when the number of load bearing frames needs to be reduced.
  • Define load-bearing structures geometry and spacing depending on kind of base support and snow and wind loads for installation area.
  • Cut to size and drill the profile TP AL according to the assumed load-bearing structure shape.
  • Assembly the load-bearing structure through hex head screws SKS M 10 and flanged hex nuts MU F M 10.
  • Fasten the load-bearing structure to the base support with high performance chemical or steel anchors depending on kind of base support.
  • Join profiles Solar with the assembled structure through hex head screw SKS M 8 and flanged hex nuts MU F M 8.