Profile Solar-light

The lightweight aluminium profile useful for semi-integrated installations with reduced spacing between hooks


Useful for:

  • Pitched roof system


  • Hook GT 130 and GT 150 (5 mm)
  • Hook GTR
  • Hook GTT
  • Hook GTP
  • Hook GTPR


  • Aluminium alloy AW6063 T6 according to UNI EN 755-2:2013


  • Cheap: the lightweight aluminium profile is useful for pitched roof PV installations.
  • Easy and fast: quick installation in the lower and lateral channel through screw SKS M 8 or T-head screw RH S 8 x 20 and in the upper channel through channel nut FCN AL and joint bracket MW (for cross joint).
  • No scrap: the optimized length reduces waste e facilitates handling on site.
  • Maximum allowable spacing 1000 mm, depending on snow and wind loads calculated according current National Regulation.
  • Hook spacing has to be evaluated depending on snow and wind loads for installation area.
  • Fasten the profile on the hooks using lower channel (with screw SKS M 8 or T-head screw RHS) or the lateral channels (with joint bracket MW and crew SKS M 8 or T-head screw RHS).
  • Use a couple of joints CPN AL on the lateral channels to link profiles Solar-light. The connection is completely closed when the mark on the middle of joints are in contact with the profiles.
  • attention To avoid problems related to thermal expansion the maximum suggested lenght of a PV panels row is 15 m.
  • attention If the connection is on the side spans, the joints CPN AL have to be fixed with self drilling screws.