Profile Solar-flat

The aluminium profile for photovoltaic installations on industrial roof for perpendicular fixing to corrugated sheet ribs


Suitable for:
Industrial roof system

  • Installation on profile Solar-flat 4.20 m or 5,25 m for isolated layouts (layout length is equal to profile length)
  • Installation with profile pieces Solarflat P 400 for wide layouts


  • Aluminium alloy AW6060 T6 according UNI EN 755-2:2013


  • Fast: quick installation on industrial roofs through the rivets RS AL.
  • Easy: quick PV module installation with pre-assembled clamps and easy cross connections through the upper channel using channel nut FCN AL, joint bracket MW, and hex head screw SKS M 8.
  • Choose more suitable installation between whole profile Solar-flat and profile pieces Solar-flat P 400.
  • Rivets RS AL spacing has to be evaluated depending on corrugated sheet ribs spacing and snow and wind loads for installation area.
  • Put pieces of butylene tape CG INT (minimum piece’s length 80 mm) on the contact area between profile Solar-flat/Solar-flat P 400 and the ribs of corrugated sheet, to avoid galvanic corrosion.
  • Put the profile Solar-flat/Solar-flat P 400 on the corrugated sheet and drill together profile and corrugated sheet with a Ø 5,3 mm drill bit.
  • Fasten profile Solar-flat/Solar-flat P 400 on the corrugated sheet with rivets RS AL.