Not assembled glass clamp M G

The not assembled middle and final clamps for glass and frameless panels


Suitable for:

  • Pitched roof system
  • Flat surface system
  • Industrial roof system
  • Corrugated roof system
  • Special application system
  • Powerskin system

To fasten PV modules on the profiles:

  • Solar-light
  • Solar-fish
  • Solar-mid
  • Solar-premium
  • Solar-flat
  • Solar 40/30

Anti-theft bronze ball DAE can be used.


  • Clamps M CG e M FG in aluminium alloy AW6060 T66 according to UNI EN 755-2:2013.


  • Full range: the not assembled glass clamps M G can fasten all glass panels and PV frameless modules with thickness in range 5,5 รท 8,5 mm.
  • Choose the middle clamp MC G and the final clamp MF G depending on the brand of the manufacturer of PV modules.
  • Assembly the clamp MC G and MF G with the channel nut FCN AL using the hexagon socket cylindrical head screw TCEI.
  • Fasten the PV module applying the correct installation torque (10 Nm) on the hexagon socket cylindrical head screw TCEI.
  • (Optional) To protect the installation put the anti-theft bronze DAE ball into the screw hexagon socket.