Kit Easy Solar KIT STFU

Kit Easy Solar for installation of two modules in portrait position on flat roof


Suitable for:

  • Flat roof with triangular frames


  • All in one: All items needed to install 2 PV modules in portrait position are inside the kit
  • Universal: inside the kit there are 4 profiles Solar-fish with joints CPN AL and cover nuts AK SP, 2 universal triangular frames STFU, that allow inclinations of10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 1 back bracing and 6 universal pre-assembled clamp PM U for all PV modules with thickness in range 30-52 mm.
  • Easy to move: packaging dimension only 1200 x 290 x  85 mm with the profiles inside.
  • Easy to assembly: Inside the kit there is also an instruction leaflet to make the installation easier.
  • Define the STFU position according to support structure (max spacing 1.6 mt).
  • Adjust the inclination of STFU frame according to the project’s detail using the assembly instruction.
  • Fasten the triangular frame base with the proper anchor (not included inside the kit) depending on building material of substrate.
  • Fasten the profile on the triangular frames using the correct fasteners and connect them together using the joint CPN AL. Use the self-drilling screw to keep in right position the CPN AL.
  • Fix the bracing profile on the back side of the frame STFU.
  • Put the smart channel nut of the universal pre-assembled clamp PMU into the profile upper channel.
  • Rotate clamp clockwise to use as final clamp or counter clockwise to use it as middle clamp.
  • Fasten the PV module tightening the hexagon socket cylindrical head screw TCEI, applying the right installation torque (10 Nm).
  • (Optional) To protect the installation put the anti-theft bronze ball DAE into the screw hexagon socket.