Joint plates SSP and SSP SPEED

Flat plate connection between double-threaded screws STSR or STSI and Solar profiles


Suitable for:

  • Corrugated roof system
  • Special application system

For the connection with:

  • Profile Solar-light
  • Profile Solar-fish


  • Plates in stainless steel X5CrNi 18-10 according to UNI EN 10088-2:2005
  • Joint brackets XC in aluminium alloy AW 6063 T6 according to UNI EN 755-2:2013
  • Screws in stainless steel A2-70 according to UNI EN ISO 3506-1/2:2010


  • Adjustable: the slotted hole allows for adjustment during installation.
  • Complete: the joint plate SSP SPEED is pre-assembled and does not need any further accessory (e.g. screws, washer, nuts).
  • Easy: the cross connector XC mounted on pre-assembled joint plate SSP SPEED helps pre-positioning profile.
  • Fast: Solar profile Solar is quickly installed by tightening of only 1 screw.
  • Safe fixing: the cross connector XC has a large contact surface area that increases the connection for loadbearing capacity.

Stud screws STSR or STSI connection:

  • Put the joint bracket SSP between the stud screw STSR/STSI 2 nuts and tighten.
  • Connect Solar profile to the joint bracket SSP through the slotted hole using screw SKS M 8 and flanged hex nut MU F M 8.
  • Using the stud screw STSR/STSI 2 nuts for adjusting joint bracket SSP position.