Clamp for folded metal roof DLA

The universal clamp for photovoltaic installation on folded metal roofs


Suitable for:

  • Folded metal roofs


  • Profile Solar-light
  • Profile Solar-fish


  • Clamp in stainless steel X5CrNi 18-10 according UNI EN 10088-2:2005
  • Screws in stainless steel A2-70 according UNI EN ISO 3506-1/2;2010


  • Complete: the clamp is pre-assembled and screws and nuts for profile connection are included in the package.
  • Fast: the pre-assembled cup head square neck bolts with large head allow a quick installation.
  • Define clamps spacing depending on snow and wind load for the effective installation area.
  • Select hooks position depending on load-bearing structure and on layout PV installation.
  • Position the clamps and tighten the screws with the correct installation torque.
  • attention Before the installation a sheet of butylene tape CG INT between folded metal roof and clamps DLA.