Innovative solution for solar applications

Universal pre-assembled clamp PM U and PM CU


The universal adjustable middle clamp for all photovoltaic modules with thickness in range 30÷52 mm

  • Full range: the universal pre-assembled can fasten all PV modules with thickness in range 30÷52 mm.
  • Fast: through the smart channel nut the universal pre-assembled clam PM U can be hooked and quick blocked in any point of the profile.
  • Solid: the recessed screw avoids shadow problems on next modules.
  • Easy: through its spring the universal pre-assembled clamp PM U stays up during the fastening operation.
  • Complete: the universal pre-assembled clamp PM U does not need any further accessory (e.g. screws, washers, nuts).

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Solar Kits


Useful kit for photovoltaic installations, perfect for renovations or small plants

  • All in one: the profiles are inside the packaging
  • Easy transport and handling: Box length 1200 mm
  • Easy to install: Installation instruction included in each box
  • All-round: Each kit includes universal products for the specific application
  • Guaranteed durability: Top products conceived for the best performance

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